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‍‍‍Mission Statement


David "Nico" Hill







ministry assistant

GOD inspires, comforts, and heals us.

GOD is alive and we’re ready to spread the good news ~

are you?  ‍‍‍

Dare to live‍‍‍ it

so GOD can build it‍‍‍‍‍‍

About GOD'S Soldier Ministries.

It is really about who we are NOT.

We would not be h‍‍‍ere without GOD.

We want to make it clear that all the glory

for any and everything goes to HIM.

We battle not against flesh and blood,  but against principalities..‍‍‍‍‍‍

He grew up in a home where addictions, the occult, violence, betrayals, physical and mental abuse were normal.  He began drinking at an early age to numb the pain and fill the hole in his heart, spirit and soul.  He went on to become one of the pioneers of cage fighting, and fought in Russia and Brazil. He then went into acting and acted in over 30 action movies and a show on Spike TV. As his fame and finances grew his addiction to alcohol, became an addiction to pornography, sex, adrenaline, power, and lastly... a hard core addiction to crystal meth lasting roughly 15 years. David "Nico" was slammed into deaths door more than once, and he asked GOD to save him from the monster he had become. He had dropped down to 130 pounds, stuttered as he tried to speak while his hands shook uncontrollably.  GOD pulled David "Nico" from the pig stye he was existing in and is using this man often referred to as the "tattooed Billy Graham" to reach the people that society has deemed unreachable.  He has spoken in mens homes, prisons, detentions centers, churches of all denominations across the country, revivals, schools, TV and radio.  He and his ministry partner Holly were both chosen because of their incredible testimonies over coming the odds through GOD's love,  to be two of forty, included in Allsion Restagnos book, 40 Divine Miracles from Heaven on Amazon.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍It's not about us, it's about GOD.

We used to fight with our own flesh, we took the gloves  off and now we fight for Christ.

We don't  lean on our strength an‍‍‍d understanding, but on GOD's.  Fighting for GOD, HIS way, HIS WORD.

She was born into a home  with a mother that never wanted her and a father that was always busy who believed we came from monkeys. Her parents threw her out of the house as a teen leaving her to fend for herself. During that time she was beaten almost to death by an abusive boyfriend who shot and killed his next girlfriend three months later. Always looking for love in the wrong places, people and things,  she always was searched and never found lasting fulfillment.  Her true father, Jesus Christ, who had always been there, was finally acknowledged by her and it was only then she changed her focus from being a people pleaser to living for an audience of one, God.  Holly boxes and is a licensed Zumba/ fitness instructor, teaching others how to care for their body through nutrition, rest, and  exercise.  She has acted in series, commercials and won two best actress awards for a film she created and produced.  She is a writer that has a passion for saving lives, human and animal. She has  rescue dogs and has helped rescue hundreds off death row. She has spoken at women's homes and recovery centers. Her mission is to continue to reach the ones that society has turned their back on, letting them know God is real and time is short.