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In gratitude of your gift for 20.00 or more,

you will be given a copy of "C‍‍‍alled from the Abyss" ,  

the life story of David "Nico" Hill.

GOD inspires, comforts, and heals us.

‍‍‍GOD is alive and we’re read‍‍‍y to spread the good news ~

are you?  

Thank you for considering making a tax deductible donation to GOD's Soldier Ministries. We are a 501(c)3 non profit.

Please make checks out to Gods Soldier Ministries but address the envelope to David Hill.

Checks may be mailed to 4924 Balboa Blvd. Suite #277 Encino, California 91316‍‍‍

We battle not against fl‍‍‍esh and blood,  but against principalities..

Enter ANY AMOUNT Gift of one time or m‍‍‍onthly donation

Thank you for your generous support.  No amount is too small to help us to continue to do GOD's work. May GOD's love and abundant blessings cover you all the days of your life.

God's Soldier Ministries has been called upon to reach out to the unreachable. Many places we go do not allow camera's. We ask you to help us continue by giving something. Even $‍‍‍5.00 a month helps. We are in a battle. The video below will show you what is going on in the prison system. If you feel led to help them,‍‍‍ then help us help them. We are inside the detention camps, the recovery homes, the parks, the revivals, etc.  We can not do it alone. God is good and provisions have been coming. But as we grow we need to continue reaching the lost souls... until Jesus calls us home.