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“We have seen many miracles serving our Lord and Savior, this is what we were called to do." GSM

I wanted to thank you for helping us in bringing pastor Nico Hill to our facility today. The kids were blessed beyond words, they were paying attention, they were excited, but above all, they were saved by the blood of the lamb and the words of his testimony just like the bible says. The word of God was preached with boldness, truth, and anointing. It was a complete success!  The video was essential just like Holly said, thanks again for her help and suggestions,as she was a key player in this service and a complete blessing to have worked  in arranging today's visit to LP by Evangelist Hill.   I pray that God will continue to use this wonderful ministry. Amen.    

Jerry and Rosie Lopez

Chaplains~ Los Padrinos Detention Camp

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so GOD can build it

He was born David Hill but was known as Nico "the Dragon". He now prefers to be known and remembered as David "the Dragon Slayer"

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GOD's Soldier Ministries was birthed on the gritty streets of L.A. in complete darkness.   GOD's light came through to destroy what satan thought he had.  All the Glory goes to GOD. The gloves are off, and it's time for the true battle. We read the book and we know how it ends. We stay in HIS word and spread HIS word.

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